4 Most Important SEO Stats In 2019

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing a website’s content to make it rank well on search engines. Every company website will want their site to be shown on the first page of a search engine result, which helps to attract more visitors who end up being customers.

To attain such results, SEO is necessary. A common SEO practice is the use of keywords with good search traffic potential in your web content. You can also add relevant links to other top-notch websites. SEO is always changing. That is why it is important to be updated with the latest trends.

Search engines like Google change the search algorithms occasionally, which affects search results. This is to ensure that the results being displayed on the first page are the most pertinent and useful. Here are some of the latest SEO statistics in 2019.

1) Ranking

It is an undisputed fact that Google is an internet monopoly. It is the most preferred search engine and a gateway to the internet. This can be proved by the statistic that it accounts for 79% of other desktop search traffic like Bing and Yahoo. It is therefore important to rank well on Google more than any other engine.

You should be regularly updated with the changes in Google algorithms so that you can know how to tweak your web content to be easily accessible. Making SEO friendly content can be quite challenging since it requires great skill in keyword distribution and many other SEO qualities. Fortunately, there are SEO companies that can help you make feasible strategies to ensure that you have a strong online presence. It is an effective digital marketing plan as it helps generate more leads, which propels your online business.

2) Long Tail Keywords

Statistics show that 50% of the search queries are at least four words or more. This shows Internet users more often search for something specific. This statistic implies that it is important for web content creators to incorporate long tail keywords in blog posts to improve their search performance.

3) Length

A recent study shows that web pages and blog articles with over 1000 words receive more social shares than their shorter counterparts do. On SEO context also, blog length matters. It is an important ranking factor. Around 1285 words were previously recommended for a post to rank highly on Google. Adequate length is a Google SEO quality that aims at giving searchers detailed results. Changes may be seen in 2019 regarding the word count. Google may consider that searchers want brief information and not long posts, which may affect the SEO trend concerning word count.

4) Local SEO

About 30% of mobile searches are location-based, meaning this percentage of people are looking for proximal places to find the goods or services they need. This statistic is important for local businesses who may not be churning out lots of content. One way to optimize your local business is by adding your business on Google My Business and giving the contact details. This will make potential customers find you easily on Google Maps.

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