Redditors get creative with Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘holepunch’ screen


Samsung released its new Galaxy S10 smartphone range on Friday and Redditors have been quick to get creative with the device’s “holepunch” design.

The display for the S10 covers the entire front of the phone, leaving the front-facing camera as a black hole in the otherwise spotless screen.

The display for the new Galaxy S10 phones from Samsung extends to the edge of the screen, leaving a ‘hole’ for the camera. The S10+ (above) has two cameras and a wider hole (PA)

Designers quickly set up a new place to pool their ideas and the best can be found on /r/S10wallpapers.

A solar eclipse image was one of the most popular.

Solar Eclipse for S10/S10e from S10wallpapers

And Disney got the S10 treatment.

Mickey Mouse AMOLED from S10wallpapers

Minnie Mouse AMOLED from S10wallpapers

Star Wars-themed wallpapers also featured prominently.

Death Star for S10/S10e from S10wallpapers

Darth Vader for S10/S10e from S10wallpapers

The bigger 10+ model features a double camera, meaning designers had to think laterally about what images could fit around the space.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made an appearance.

Somebody got the “Supreme leader” S10+ version in full resolution? from S10wallpapers

As did Bender the robot from Futurama.

S10+ Baby Bender 2 1440 x 3040 from S10wallpapers

And the robot helmets for dance music duo Daft Punk.

Daft Punk s10+ 1440 x 3040 from S10wallpapers

More than 9,000 people had subscribed to /r/S10wallpapers by Friday, with hundreds of other designs submitted for people to try out on their new devices.

Chris Price