Polaroid Originals launches OneStep+ instant camera in white

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Polaroid Originals has announced the launch of its OneStep+  analogue instant camera in white for £139.99.

Combining the classic Polaroid instant photography design with a fresh matte white moulded shell, it is – claims Polaroid – designed to look as good in your hand as it does in your home.   

The OneStep+ instant camera connects to your smartphone via the Polaroid Originals app for more ways to play in a world of creative photography. It claims to bring together the nostalgic charm of analogue while embracing the endless opportunities of the digital world.

Built to develop your own unique style of imagery, it includes a host of creative tools and techniques.  OneStep+ photography can be manipulated using double exposure or light painting. When confident, you can take full control by overriding the standard settings and operating fully in manual mode.

Whatever your style, the remote trigger, self-timer and powerful flash provide a flexible approach to shot set-up and you can get much closer to your subject with its bespoke portrait lens, claims Polaroid Originals. What’s more it also has a 60 day battery life, making it handy for shooting outdoors.

The Polaroid Originals OneStep+ White is available to purchase from https://www.polaroidoriginals.com for £139.99. You can download the Polaroid Originals App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and connect your OneStep+ via Bluetooth.

Chris Price
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