Plume makes UK direct to home debut with PowerPod WiFi boosters from £99


US smart home platform Plume has announced its direct-to-consumer debut in the UK with a new IoT security service as well as the launch of its new PowerPod WiFi boosting devices.

Its Advanced IoT Protection service is an AI-powered security network designed to protect home IoT devices. It uses artificial intelligence to identify all devices connected in a home network, detect anomalies in device behaviour, and immediately quarantine devices that have been compromised in order to prevent a breach from spreading to other devices connected to the home network. 

As the Plume cloud constantly learns patterns of normal device behaviour across a large population of similar devices, it will, claims Plume, spot abnormalities in real time and immediately act to protect users. Plume’s Advanced IoT Protection feature will be available and accessible through the Plume iOS and Android app on 15 April 2019 in the UK and US.

The UK launch also sees the introduction of Plume’s  tri-band SuperPod and as well as the new dual-band PowerPod devices. Currently available to some Talk Talk broadband subscribers, these are designed to improve Wi-Fi performance, reliability and consistency, as well as wall-to-wall coverage in larger homes.

SuperPods and PowerPods are offered to members in two starter pack configurations to fit any home size and include flexible options for further expansion.

Says Fahri Diner, Plume’s CEO and co-founder:

“The ever-increasing demand for smart home performance coupled with the proliferation of IoT devices means connectivity and security are merging and must be addressed jointly and comprehensively.

“Leveraging our scale as the operator of perhaps the largest software-defined-network in the world, our learnings gathered from a vast population of connected devices uniquely positions Plume to offer the most effective anomaly-based protection of IoT devices.”

Plume is compatible with all ISPs in the UK and is available at Plume membership in the UK is £99 per year.

In addition to benefits such as subscription to all current and upcoming features, automatic updates, 24/7 support, free delivery, 60-day return policy, and rolling unlimited warranty, members will have access to SuperPod and PowerPod starter packs at special pricing starting at £99.  The UK starter packs will begin shipping on 15 April 2019.

Plume’s UK consumer launch comes less than a year after the introduction in United States of the Plume membership, a subscription-based service that includes features such as Adaptive WiFi, HomePass and advanced parental controls with person profiles. 



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