Gambling Online: How to Stay Safe in 3 Simple Steps

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The first online casino launched in 1994 and in the intervening two-and-a-half decades, more and more of us have embraced this innovation and taken advantage. The result is that the gambling industry now contributes around $137.5 billion to the US economy, with a UK study suggesting that around half of us gamble on a semi-regular basis.    

It’s such a popular online pastime but we must remember that internet gambling does carry some risks in terms of our cybersecurity. This is no different than with any other financial transaction that takes place on the web, but it’s still a good idea to take precautions in order to stay as safe as can be. So, to help keep hackers at bay, here’s what we suggest.

Make sure the casinos you use are reputable

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Whenever we choose to transact with an online vendor, every one of us should make sure we do our research beforehand. Whether it’s checking the rating of an eBay seller or looking for reviews on Trustpilot, it’s important to know you can put your faith in the person or business on the other side of the screen and the same applies when it’s an online casino you’re selecting.

That’s why we recommend turning to a directory site like Bonus Source, which offers up-to-date reviews on the best casinos on the internet. Only ever showcasing reputable web-based providers, they’ll be able to tell you exactly who you can rely on in 2019, so that you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.

Only choose casinos that use encrypted logins

One of the simplest ways to stay protected online is by using encrypted logins and casinos should be savvy enough to ensure that every one of their customers can take advantage. The major upside to this type of system is that it’s incredibly secure, so all the player has to do to keep their information safe is use a password – one stored in a closed database that cannot be accessed by would-be criminals. If this form of protection is not available as a matter of standard, we recommend you go elsewhere with your custom.

Pay attention to how you pay

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Any time you make a financial transaction online, there is some element of risk involved. This isn’t something that should put you off purchasing and playing online, but it does mean that taking a few simple precautions can be a good idea. One of these is paying attention to how you pay for your purchases.

You see, preventing cybercrime is not just about choosing a reputable casino: the payment method you pick could also leave you vulnerable to attack. This is why we suggest that you only ever use established and reputable names, like MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill and Visa.

Each of the above has been in businesses for many years and has extensive security measures in place. Your money is as safe with them as it could possibly be, meaning the chances of them opening you up as a target of cybercrime are infinitesimal.

Take these three simple steps today to keep yourself safe online.

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