Fitbit unveils £149 Versa Light smartwatch in bid to eat into Apple domination


Fitbit has added four new devices to its line-up as it looks to strengthen its position and grab a greater slice of the market dominated by the Apple Watch.

The American wristwear maker has refreshed its main fitness band products with more affordable options for consumers, the cheapest retailing at £69.99.

It includes three new devices, along with a lighter version of its more multi-functional smart watch, the Fitbit Versa. Aimed at young and cost-conscious buyers or those looking to own their first smartwatch, the Versa Lite is £149.99.

It includes activity, sleep and heart rate tracking, as well as notifications, a selection of apps and four days of battery.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition
Fitbit Versa Lite Edition includes  a selection of apps and four days of battery (Fitbit/Kevin Cremens)

The device trims its retail price by sacrificing features such as music, payments and swim-tracking mode, all found on its Versa, released almost a year ago.

“Since founding Fitbit almost 12 years ago, we’ve focused on making health fun and achievable for everyone – regardless of fitness level or goals,” said James Park, co-founder and chief executive of Fitbit.

“Today we have a growing, supportive community of more than 27 million active users around the world who are getting more active, sleeping better, reducing stress, managing weight and getting healthier from being ‘on Fitbit,’ which is a testament to the power of our platform and our consistent innovation across our devices, software features and mobile app experience.”

Fitbit Inspire
Fitbit Inspire range replaces the company’s Alta devices (Fitbit/Kevin Cremens)

The Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR replace the old Fitbit Alta devices, though the company says it will continue to support its older products as normal.

With a new touch screen display and up to five days of battery life, Inspire will retail at £69.99, as will the similar Ace 2 aimed at children, which uses fun animations and bolder strap colour choices.

The HR version featuring additional heart rate tracking comes in at £89.99.

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