Must-Have Comparison Site Bookmarks for Gamers


For any tech-heads and gamers, it’s often easy to get swept along with the hype surrounding the latest gaming releases or gadgets and gizmos on which we’ll play the newest titles.

However, it’s also a good idea to pause, take a deep breath and do a little homework first, before buying.

There are comparison sites around for pretty much everything these days, including gaming and gadgets, which makes those mentioned in the following sections highly useful to keep in our bookmarks, providing ways to save money and greater detail about products, before we part with our hard-earned cash.

Digital Download Games

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Whether it’s the latest AAA blockbuster releases from the gaming industry giants, or hidden gems emerging from indie developers, there’s more choice than ever before to keep us entertained. The fact we don’t need to travel to stores or mess around with boxes and discs anymore, makes things even more convenient. We can get our gaming fix on-demand these days.

Whichever platform we prefer, be it consoles, mobile or the good old PC, most of us will usually be aware of the latest upcoming releases, along with games that have already been out for some time. Reading through plenty of reviews can help with our choices, with sites like Metacritic comparing professional reviews and user feedback, particularly useful for gamers to get balanced information about the games which take our fancy.

Once we’ve decided on the games we’re going to buy, the next dilemma is which digital download store we’re going to get them from, because there are so many available nowadays. Directly comparing prices from over 40 digital download retailers of PC games, is a very useful reference point. The site lists prices with and without discounts, latest special deals and offers at all stores, plus there are filters for a variety of other options; such as whether the store has DRM (Digital Rights Management) embedded, or not.

Online Casinos

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In less than a decade, the online gambling industry has more than doubled in size. This part of the online gaming sector has grown in value from $20.51 billion to a projected worth of 55.19 billion according to data. That growth is even predicted to continue moving upwards to around $60 billion by 2020. Evidence enough of just how popular online gaming and gambling has become throughout the world.

Sports betting and casino games hold the largest share of the market in online gaming, and with the latter in particular, there are quite literally thousands of online casinos to choose from. For those who enjoy playing anything from classic casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette, to the latest fully interactive and themed online slots, shopping around for the best sign-up deals and bonus packages has never been more important.

Given that what’s on offer at each and every online casino can be so wide and varied, it makes sense to read through detailed reviews and guides at sites like Oddschecker to get plenty of information first, before making a deposit and starting to play. Not every casino offer is the same, so find out which of them best suits the kind of games you want to play, learn how to make the most of bonus and sign-up deals, or even which of them are offering the best incentives.

Gadgets and Gizmos

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While comparing the prices of goods and services is always worthwhile, particularly to ensure you get the best deals for digital download software and online casino games, it’s just as important to know more about the devices on which you’ll be playing games, if you’re shopping around for those too. Most of us will have a basic idea of the specifications for a particular device we’re looking for, which makes comparing what different manufacturers offer a wise next step, ensuring we see exactly how much bang for buck they offer.

One helpful place to start is by browsing gadget and gizmo comparisons at, which not only provides information about prices and deals, but also lets the user put comparable products side by side, so they can check the specifications for devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, or even TVs and monitors. This is particularly helpful when gauging the value of a particular device, when comparing what each manufacturer currently offers.

Along with providing a detailed page with the technical specifications for each and every device, there are also guides to choosing which device best suits your needs. This is useful when comparing laptops, for example, as you decide which processor, graphics card, memory and internal storage best suits your requirements, helping to either broaden or refine your search. Being armed with such information makes it easier to hunt for deals based on a specific and preferred device, whether buying online or at a bricks-and-mortar store.

Getting a Good Deal

Hopefully, the sites we’ve highlighted above will arm readers with plenty of additional information about games and devices, which not only provide more depth and detail when shopping around, but also help identify sources for getting great deals. After all, the more bucks we can keep in our pockets, the more we have available for future purchases to keep us busy during our leisure time.

Chris Price