Teenager’s emoji-filled text read out by voice assistant goes viral

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A man has gone viral after sharing a video of his car’s AI voice assistant reading out a text message from his 14-year-old son.

Aaron Reynolds, from Toronto, Canada, shared the video of Apple’s CarPlay iOS app reading out the message, which was received while his wife was driving.

The message was from the writer’s oldest son, Theo.

“My wife thought it was hilarious, she actually asked ‘Please repeat that’ to the van to replay the message so the video could be shot,” said Aaron.

Fellow parents on Twitter appreciated the video too.

Some commended young Theo’s “trolling” towards his mum and dad.

And others have employed similar tactics before.

“Theo is my oldest son and sees this as his chance to be more viral than his youngest brother,” said Aaron.

Theo’s brother Nolan saw internet fame in 2013 for an unintentionally profanity-laden video entitled Nolan cannot say dumptruck.

Chris Price
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