Honor gains exclusive Fortnite skin in bid to attract more young users


Huawei sub-brand Honor has partnered with Epic Games in an attempt to attract more young users for the global launch of its View20 smartphone.

At an event held in Paris, Honor president George Zhao revealed that buyers of the new handset will gain access to an exclusive skin for the popular survival game.

The company also announced that the View20 will be the first Android device to support 60 frames-per-second of Fortnite, offering the smoothest quality of gameplay on the operating system at present.

In an interview to media, Mr Khao said the collaboration is part of Honor’s effort to appeal to a younger audience.

“I know that Fortnite is very popular and very hot globally,” he said. “Fortnite 60 frames-per-second should come out within a few weeks.”

Honor has undergone a rebrand as part of its focus on the youth, splashing more colour and boldness into the design of its latest smartphone.

Honor View20
Honor View20 (Jamie Harris/PA)

It has included more fun features, using an advanced camera to track movements and replicate them instantly in the form of digital avatar characters. The same technology also allows the View20 to act as a motion-controlled gaming console, the company said.

Honor will be hoping to gain most attention for its 48-megapixel camera and ‘hole punch’ display, which does away with a notch, embedding the front-facing camera inside the screen, allowing more room for users to see what they are doing on their phone.

At the global launch, Mr Khao took aim at the iPhone XS Max’s notch directly for obstructing what users can see on their screen, using the same photo of a lighthouse to show how Apple’s product hides the top part and the notchless View20 does not.

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