Review: AUTODOC car parts app

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This week I took my car, an Audi A5 Sportback, for a service at the local car repair shop in North London. It cost me a few hundred pounds and I didn’t really need that much in the way of new parts. Just a new Xenon headlight. God only knows why they are expensive.

Had I have known then that I could have used an app to buy the right parts then I could probably have saved myself a bit of money just before Xmas which would have been most welcome!

At least now I know about AUTODOC. Available for iOS (Apple) or Android, is easy to download to your smartphone. Alternatively you can access the service via the web. The website also features a Live Support option so you can chat to a member of staff online which is much handier than having to pick up the phone. 

However, I decided mainly to the use the AUTODOC app on my Apple iPhone instead which is much more convenient if you are out and about. As soon as you’ve downloaded it onto your device, the first thing to do is pick your language (AUTODOC is available in loads of different European countries from Austria to the United Kingdom). You then add your car make and model to the app so that you can make sure you are buying the right parts for your vehicle. 

Either you can the search bar to search by item, part, number or by OEM or you can go into one of the product categories instead. These include Oils and Filters, Brake System, Filters, Engine etc. I was looking for Body Parts, Lights, Mirrors so I clicked on that (see screen grab below) and then went into various sub-menus to find what I could find. 

Certainly the prices are a lot cheaper then you will pay if you go to your local car dealer. However, you still have to install the product yourself, of course!

Thankfully AUTODOC is here to help with its own blog where you can get information about a number of car related issues as well as a YouTube channel where you can find online video tutorials to help you fit the part correctly (see YouTube video below). Good luck!

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