Alexa can now be used hands-free on the Amazon Music app


Amazon Music app
Alexa is widening its reach even further by working on the Amazon Music app, meaning users can request tracks hands-free.

The feature has been made available to users in the UK on Android and iOS for the first time, as Amazon continues to integrate the digital voice-powered assistant into more of its products.

With the Amazon Music app open, the “Alexa” wake word enables users to ask for any tune they desire, cutting out the need to type and search through the app’s database.

Up until now, Music Unlimited and Prime Music subscribers in the UK had to tap a button to summon Alexa – users in the US were given hands-free abilities back in May.

Those that would rather not use Alexa can choose to turn it off from the app’s settings.

Amazon has been busy building on its Alexa offering in the last four weeks, with the introduction of a Christmas Countdown, Apple Music support, recognition for different voices and Skype calling among the newest arrivals.

Chris Price
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