This Is England combo reunite for Huawei Mate 20 Pro reverse wireless charging ad

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This Is England stars Stephen Graham and Thomas Turgoose have reunited, in the name of helping friends recharge their phones.

The actors, who played Combo and Shaun in the cult film and TV spin-offs appear in a new short film for Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and its Mate 20 Pro phone.

The new phone is the first to be able to wirelessly charge another compatible phone when held together back-to-back, meaning owners can help friends running low on battery to recharge their devices.

The short film shows Graham under stress as he stalks up and down an east London snooker hall, as a hooded figure enters the hall and approaches him.

It turns out to be Turgoose, who is here to recharge his friend’s phone using the Mate 20 Pro!

The film is part of Huawei’s Recharge Your Mates campaign, created in response to new research by the firm that suggests more than two-thirds of people (69%), feel negative emotions when their phone runs out of battery.

Chris Price
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