Smart keyboard app SwiftKey adds search engine feature


Keyboard app SwiftKey is adding a search engine to the Android version of its software, enabling users to search the web from directly within the keyboard.

A new search option has been added to SwiftKey for Android, with search results gathered using Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

The app says it now means users will be able to quickly access web pages to crop and share with friends and other contacts as needed.


SwiftKey’s senior product manager Colleen Hall said: “We’re always looking for ways to make typing and messaging faster and smarter for our users.

“By having Search right there in the keyboard, users can browse for information and share it with their contacts without leaving the conversation, whether that’s for quick fact-finding, checking the local weather or sharing news headlines and images in a message.”

The new feature is being introduced from Thursday to users in the UK and 10 other countries globally.

SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to learn a user’s typing style to give more accurate autocorrect and word predictions.

Chris Price
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