Netflix leaves original Wii as Nintendo ends streaming on console from January

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Nintendo Wii
The Wii was launched back in November 2006 (PA/Matt Faber)

Netflix and other streaming services are set to leave the first Wii console next year as Nintendo starts winding down the 12-year-old console.

The company behind hit series, including Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black, is set to stop working on the Wii along with all other streaming providers, as part of Nintendo’s decision to shut down its Wii Shop Channel in 2019.

There’s been no official word directly from other sites, such as Amazon Prime Video, but it will likely come into force at the same time.
Netflix is now urging anyone still using the original Wii to move across to a compatible device ahead of the cut off date, January 30.

Wii U, the gaming giant’s 2012 follow up, isn’t mentioned as an affected device on Netflix’s support page.

The closure comes days after Nintendo announced that its newest device, the Nintendo Switch, could now access YouTube via a free to download app.

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