Jaguar trials technology to prevent waiting around at traffic lights

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Jaguar Land Rover is trialling new Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) technology which will connect cars to traffic lights so drivers can avoid getting stuck at red and help free up traffic flow in cities.

The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) system allows cars to “talk” to traffic lights and inform the driver of the speed they should drive as they approach junctions or signals.

Widespread adoption of the V2X technology will prevent drivers from racing to beat the lights and improve air quality by reducing harsh acceleration or braking near lights. The goal is for the V2X revolution to create free-flowing cities with fewer delays and less commuter stress.

The connected technology is currently being trialled on a Jaguar F-PACE, as part of a collaborative research project. Like all Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles today, the F-PACE already boasts a wide range of Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) features.

The connected technology trials are enhancing existing ADAS features by increasing the line of sight of a vehicle when it is connected via the internet to other vehicles and infrastructure. GLOSA is being tested alongside a host of other measures to slash the time commuters spend in traffic.

“This cutting-edge technology will radically reduce the time we waste at traffic lights. It has the potential to revolutionise driving by creating safe, free-flowing cities that take the stress out of commuting. Our research is motivated by the chance to make future journeys as comfortable and stress-free as possible for all our customers.”
Oriol Quintana-Morales, Jaguar Land Rover Connected Technology Research Engineer

The trials are part of the £20 million government-funded project, UK Autodrive, which has helped accelerate the development of Jaguar Land Rover’s future self-driving and connected technology, as we well as strengthening the Midlands’ position as a hub of mobility innovation.

The world’s first traffic lights were installed exactly 150 years ago outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Since then drivers around the globe have spent billions of hours waiting for green. However with Jaguar Land Rover’s latest tech, maybe their days could soon be numbered.

Jaguar I-PACE voted best tech car at Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2018

The Jaguar I-PACE (above) was named Best Car at the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2018. Since the car’s public debut in March, the I-PACE has already claimed 16 major global awards including German Car of the Year and Scottish Car of the Year. Said Pocket-lint’s jurors: “The Jaguar I-PACE is not techy for tech’s sake. Or elitist. Tesla, BMW, Audi et al should be very worried indeed, because Jaguar has pulled off the coup of the year with the I-PACE. Right now, this is the EV we would choose to buy before any other.”
The I-PACE uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to personalise the car’s driving and interior settings to the individual driver. It is also Jaguar’s first vehicle to include the intuitive Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, future-proofed with over-the-air software updates, just like a smartphone.The Jaguar I-PACE is available to order now priced from £59,995 in the UK (including Government incentives). 


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