Tips & Tricks for Passing Microsoft MCSA Office 365 Certification Exams 70-346 & 70-347

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Microsoft is the topmost chosen operating system and system software company for IT professionals today. With an array of programs aiding the operation of businesses and technical aspects of programs, Microsoft leads with its system software, programs, and professionals.

Microsoft 70-346 and 70-347 exams or Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements exam is an initiative by Microsoft to provide for MCSA: Office 365 certification to professionals who excel at the job.

As Microsoft Office 365 has grown up to be one of the most trusted software for working into businesses, multinational companies and even small offices, the role of managing, implementing, troubleshooting and more services for this software is ever increasing.

With the shift of the global market towards a more IT infrastructure oriented set-up and growth in the IT industry, more and more professionals are developing a niche to work with. Microsoft Office 365 being one of the most widely used platforms is the choice that almost comes naturally to these professionals. Therefore, there is a paradigm shift to taking up Microsoft 70-346 exams for their career Visit Now!

Note: To get the MCSA: Office 365 certification you must pass one more exam right after 70-346 you need to pass 70-347 as well.


Along with the trends, there are a number of factors influencing this shift of interest and popularity of the exam. Here are some!

Reliability of Professionals

Microsoft tools and system software are something that everyone works for today. Each one of us has some knowledge about the Microsoft tools that we work with regularly. But this does not make us experts in its field and certainly does not bring reliability to companies to hire us as professionals of the field.

Taking up Microsoft 70-346 exams and getting MCSA: Office 365 certified stands as a proof that we are certified by Microsoft to carry out the work related to Microsoft Office 365, its identities and requirements to best serve the clients with all the technical knowledge and solutions.

Exam 70-346 Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

Exam 70-347 Enabling Office 365 Services

Better Scope

As the world is progressing globally and business is shifting online, there is a widespread channel of global networking businesses. More and more companies are spreading their wings worldwide for better business. Microsoft Office 365 being one of the trusted networks for business co-ordination, emails, follow-ups, etc. comes as an easy solution to connect this network.

Therefore, the professionals with widespread knowledge of this field are in high demand. To handle the IT infrastructure, to work for the technical glitches and handle the progress of the business – a Microsoft MCSA: Office 365 certified professional is a must!

Enhanced Knowledge

Having limited knowledge in a professional field is not sufficient. Even if you have worked with software for years getting a certification from a trusted source works in your favour. It doesn’t just provide you with enhanced knowledge but also gives you a credible certificate to prove your expertise. Therefore, there is a detailed knowledge on each aspect of the program while also being efficient in serving the clients with the same.

Demand of Expertise

With the growth of the IT industry, there is a high rise for professionals who are certified by Microsoft for their expertise. IT professionals who work with some specific software and have a certification for the same prove to be valuable for the organizations in the long run. They add value to the working of the management and thus are in high demand now. Getting the Microsoft 70-346 exams is the first step you need to pass to be a MCSA: Office 365 certified. You will learn Microsoft Office 365 Identities and requirements administrator and thus improves your chances of getting hired by a majority of the companies, while passing the Microsoft 70-346 exam.

What Microsoft 70-346 Exams Makes You Excel at?

Microsoft 70-365 deals with Microsoft office 365 and its working for the certification of professionals. It has a broad spectrum of knowledge to be covered for appearing in the exams. Here are some that one needs to cover.

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Provision of Microsoft Office 365

This section deals with license model, provision, configuration, determining domain name, managing region, domains, etc. for the office models.

Plan & Implement Networking and Security in Microsoft Office 365

The area of work here mostly relates to configuration and implementation of the networking of the Microsoft Office 365 for the clients. It covers Microsoft Azure services, Client connectivity for Office 365, management and administration of Office 365 for the clients, etc.

Manage Cloud Identities

Microsoft Office 365 is indeed a cloud-based software tool with enhanced used on the system as a result protecting and security of the cloud network stands crucial too. The aspect of managing cloud identities, passwords, security and smooth flow of work is an important aspect here!

Implement & Manage Identities by Using Azure Ad Connect

The key aspect here is to manage the directory groups for Azure AD connection. With 20% weight in the entire syllabus, the focus is on the Azure AD management, security, configuration, tools, etc.

Implement & Manage Federated Identities for Single Sign-on

Plan requirements for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), installation of ADFS, managing of WAP servers are covered in this section.

Monitor & Troubleshoot Office 365 Availability and Usage

Analyzing and reporting on the system working and progress is important too. The glitches in the working of Microsoft Office 365, its system and troubleshooting are given due importance to implement better working.

Why Professionals Are Taking Up Microsoft 70-346 Exams?

IT Professionals and corporate employees are constantly on the lookout for measures to improve in their field of work. The idea is to excel in some field and carve out a niche which serves as a medium to grow in their career. Microsoft Office 365 being one of the trusted programs by Microsoft and other companies world over proved to be a useful niche to work on.

PrepAway Microsoft MCSA 70-346 and 70-347 practice test allows the professionals to learn the technical aspects of the platform along with a variety of insider tools which will make them better skilled at the software and become the experts they are looking out to be. It brings them better career opportunities, knowledge, and growth in the IT sector.

As Microsoft 70-346 and 70-347 exams are not easy to crack there is an acceleration in practical training and learning of Microsoft office 365 too! And as a small piece of advice I personally suggest you to go at PrepAway and get the best possible help to pass the exam.


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