Renault unveils EZ-Pro autonomous delivery vehicle at Hannover Motor Show

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  • Groupe Renault brings last-mile delivery vision to life with Renault EZ-PRO, an autonomous delivery concept featuring shared customizable robo-pods
  • EZ-PRO keeps a field-based human concierge for special deliveries and driverless robo-pod fleet management
  • Highly modular robo-pods for flexible shipping
  • With EZ-PRO consumers can choose precisely where, when and how to receive deliveries.
  • Designed to contribute to the smart cities of tomorrow

Meet the Renault EZ-Pro, an autonomous, electric, connected and shared robo-pod concept for the future of last-mile delivery solutions. Displayed at the Hannover Motor Show, the EZ-PRO is a concept that consists of an autonomous leader pod and driverless robo-pods.

The fleet of driverless robo-pods either follow each other by platooning or can move independently. Says Ashwani Gupta, Alliance Senior Vice President, LCV: “Renault EZ-PRO shows our vision of last-mile delivery integrated with the ecosystem of smart cities of tomorrow and the needs of professionals. This concept is a solution that would unlock countless opportunities for our various partners.”

Renault believes that the management of the last mile will not be completely automated as people will remain at the heart of transport activities for the foreseeable future.

In EZ-PRO, the leader pod hosts a human concierge who supervises the delivery of goods and services and its fleet. Released from today’s constraints of driving, the concierge can focus on value-added tasks, such as supervising the itinerary planning and driverless robo-pods, claims Renault.

Recipients will be able to choose a convenient delivery time and location of their choice. The end-user will also be able to choose between receiving his or her parcel by the concierge or accessing self-service lockers in the driverless robo-pods. Accessible 24/7, these lockers can be opened by the recipient via a mobile phone application.

The shipping solution for consumers will also feature real-time tracking options via mobile with alert services for an even smoother delivery experience.

A convoy of pods leaving from the same hub and managed by the same logistics operator can carry different types of goods and merchandise, each pod having its own paymaster, theme, clientele and delivery place. 

EZ-PRO styling has been designed to minimize its visual impact and enhance the pods’ integration into the urban landscape, claims Renault. The satin finish of the bodywork, the wheel fairings, and the glossy appearance of the opening panels and reflective properties help to make the pods unobtrusive in the cityscape, reckons the manufacturer. 

In line with Renault “Easy Life” brand promise, EZ-PRO offers a safe and ergonomic solution for the concierge as demonstrated, for example, by the front access, the joystick controller and easy-to-maneuver four-wheel steering feature.

Adds Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President, Groupe Renault Corporate Design.

“With EZ-PRO, we continue our exploratory work around urban shared mobility of the future. Focused on delivery solutions, this autonomous, connected and electric concept represents the ideal tool, being both a creator of opportunity for professionals and a facilitator of services for all its users, direct or indirect. It is based on Renault’s expertise in commercial vehicles and on the brand’s DNA, which places people at the heart of its solutions.” 

EZ-PRO follows the introduction of EZ-GO an electric, connected, fully autonomous, shared robo-vehicle for transportation of people. 

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