How to play GAMECUBE games on a PC

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We all like games that link us back to the younger versions of ourselves. The nostalgic memories of sharing gaming consoles and shouting when we passed little milestones not only distracts us from the fast-paced everyday life, but also revives the childhood spirits in us.

We all want to go back to the days when everything was possible; we all want to revive the daring, carefree, and enthusiastic people we once were and there’s no better way to do this than by playing old school games.

However, technological advances have made some of the gaming programs we used obsolete, hence we must learn to play these old school games on PC. Today, let us learn how to play gamecube isos on your personal computer.

How to install and play Mario kart 8 on PC

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best games that ever needed the Wii games console. However, you can now play the game on your PC, of course after downloading and running software that will enable the smooth running of gamecube isos on your computer.

To begin with, you will need to download CEMU-Wii U Emulator which you can find at Make sure to download the right version for your PC and save the file in your computer.

After installing the CEMU-Wii U Emulator , you will need a Wii U USB helper because it allows you to choose between the many gamecube games you want to play.

Choose Mario Kart 8, download it (ensure you download the latest version), accept the upgrade files it comes with and run it.

When you have run the game and it’s finished compiling cached shaders, you can go straight to ‘OPTIONS’ and click ‘INPUT SETTINGS’ then select ‘Wii U pro controller’ and ensure you check ‘Keyboard’ as you intend to use PC.

If you have an Xbox controller, check ‘Xinput’ and choose your controller. Well, you have now completed the necessary settings to begin playing Mario kart 8 on your PC.

Now it is time to begin the fun. Press ‘A’ to start the game. After pressing A, the standard version of the game will be displayed on your PC. While here you can choose to play either Grand Prix, Time Trials, Vs Race, or Battle.

While choosing these, consider your game expertise, because when you try a more complicated level of the game like Grand Prix you might find it demanding and the game may bore you when you can’t race favourably. Also ensure that your computer graphics are capable of running gamecube isos without lags because speed is essential in this game.

Sometimes when you launch the game you might note that it lags. The problem is most likely to be with the graphics pack. To solve the problem, go to ‘OPTIONS’ then select ‘GRAPHICS PACK’ enable the graphics you need and the game will run smoothly.

How To Unlock Characters

There wouldn’t be much fun if you can’t play with all the characters in the game. It is therefore important to know how you can unlock all the characters, cars, and tracks. Normally, you begin the game with sixteen characters already unlocked, this only leaves fourteen characters locked. The game comes with thirty characters in total.

Actually, when you have all the settings right when setting up, then you will not have a problem unlocking characters. To unlock any character, get to position one on any Grand Prix. You can do this randomly with any character you wish to unlock. However, you must ensure that you are not on the same difficulty level as your previous character unlocked.

Just in case you encounter a problem, go back to the graphics pack and enable the ones you need to use. If you have not noticed, you will need to pay more attention to the gamecube isos setup than even playing it.

When you get the setup right, you will be able to change the costumes, characters, wheels, and rides. There will be more fun when you have unlocked all the hurdles.

For most users, setting the game to ‘triple core recompiler’ causes a lot of lags. If you experience such lags, just go to ‘CPU’ and select ‘Single core recompiler’ instead and you shall have improved the game.

This game can now be played on PC, but still, this is work in progress, and sometimes it may not work as better as you expect. This article helps you to be at the same pace with the game’s latest developments.

Chris Price