Uncontrolled waste landfills

This is a landfill that can be found in any isolated esplanade, cliff, or river bank, wherever any sort of residues are unloaded. This kind of discharge is usually perpetrated by individuals that want to get rid of certain stuff at the cheapest possible cost, or by small counties that manage their urban residues in this way due to the lack of resources.

Controlled waste landfills

This is the organized and proper way of managing solid residues, it is done in stablished places, set to fulfill this purpose. This landfill must comply with current legal provisions regarding regulations, control and authorizations.

sediment-capping1Functions of a controlled landfill

The main function of a controlled landfill is the elimination of complex waste in a way that possible negative effects on the environment disappear. Although, the substances released cannot be reused, the decomposition of organic matter is achieved and it is possible to use the gases generated and a future reutilization of the area is on the table, mainly as recreation areas.

Sealing a landfill

It is already understood the importance of the responsible managing of waste, however, once properly managed, it has to be covered, and there is no one better at making capping systems to seal a landfill that Maccaferri and their line of products.

Safe storage of residues, either solid, muddy or toxic is an important operation, their line of solutions is broad and it is used in coating and treatment plants.

Aspects to consider

There are two variables that have to be taken into account when it comes to sealing appropriately a landfill: those are economic and environmental and there are certain tasks that the sealing has to do or allow, for instance, it has to drain the methane gas that develops during the degradation process, it also has to prevent leaking of storm-water, as it will contaminate the process of degradation by generating an excess of contaminating manure.

Blending with the surroundings

Nothing says that an artificial structure is more attuned with the environment than when natural vegetation grows around it and this is precisely one of Maccaferri’s main goals with all of their sustainable systems that are also topographically compatible with the surrounding environment.

Tech Digest Correspondent