5 Tips to Build your Brand’s Social Influence

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At the beginning of 2017, there were more than 39 million social media users in the United Kingdom alone. With so many eyes on the screen, there is no doubt that brands can have a major influence over consumers through social media channels.

However, many brands fail to manage their social media channels and thus are unable to create a major influence over their audience. There is no hack that brands can use to build their social influence, but there are a few tips that can help them increase their influence in the social realm.

1.    Be Active on Social Media

Don’t just use your brand’s social media pages to post information and respond to queries of customers. If you wish to grow your influence, show your audience that you’re interested in listening to them and care about their needs. Ask questions regularly about what your consumers need or like. Reward the participation of your consumers by giving them the things they mostly ask for.

2.    Provide Value

Consumers will love to engage with your brand on social media when you reward them with promotions, discount coupons and other perks. You can increase your brand’s social influence by giving these kinds of rewards and even get more followers in the process.

3.    Encourage Social Shares

You’ll be able to build much stronger influence on social media if you create useful, engaging or informative content that followers will want to share on their personal profiles. When crafting content for social media, figure out which type of content will gain more visibility on social networks. For instance, you can use images and videos or even memes.

4.    Get in Touch with Large Influencers

If your brand is relatively unknown, your voice will likely go unheard in all the noise. Therefore, you should get in touch with large influencers to promote your brand and increase your influence on social media. Large influencers already have a major following and they can help you grow your social media audience.

Alex from VM Interactive says that it takes time to build relationships with influencers and they will only share content that is high-quality and provides something of value to their audience. So, spend time crafting informative and high-quality content that influencers would love to share with their audience.

5.    Launch Campaigns

Paid campaigns can also help you increase your social influence. Make sure that the ads you run are focused on engagement of users and not promotion.  This means that you should provide incentives that encourage users to click on the ads.

If you are struggling to build your social influence, start following these tips. Soon, you’ll be able to make a name for your brand on social media!

Tech Digest Correspondent