Christmas in July: Little Red Rooster PR puts colour into consumer electronics

Christmas in July, Gadgets

There was a time in consumer electronics where, much like the Model T Ford, you could have any colour you wanted as long as it was black. Black speakers, black amplifiers, black TVs, black set top boxes – that was pretty much all the choice you had.

Designs were pretty dull too. Like a bunch of engineers, wearing Bri-Nylon trousers that were far too short for them, had sat around thinking about how they could make products that were as boring and functional as humanly possible.

How times have changed. At Little Red Rooster PR’s Christmas in July event at the fantastic One Marylebone yesterday (July 10th, 2018) we were treated to a wealth of colour and interesting product designs from a broad roster of diverse brands, from high-end Scandinavian hi-fi company Bang & Olufsen to Rock Roll Limited, a company that produces wallpaper of classic rock album designs from artists such as The Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd and Guns N’ Roses.

And although we’ve seen quite a bit of it before (this is always the problem with Christmas in July events – very little is genuinely new), it’s great to see technology and fashion finally coming together in one place. And being enjoyed by everyone, not just geeks!

Whether it’s the current pride in English football, or just because it’s an iconic design, the Union Jack seemed to be in evidence a fair bit throughout the show, from Rock Roll’s God Save The Queen wallpaper (above) to SMEG’s Union Jack toaster – see below.

Also on display were SMEG’s latest appliances with Dolce & Gabbana, including a £400 toaster and kettle – not exactly cheap but then you’re paying for great design. And I’m sure there will be some people for whom having fashionable looking home appliances is a must!

Looking for a sound system with a difference? Then you really don’t get any more different than a red, French bulldog sporting left and right Bluetooth speakers for eyes and a subwoofer in its butt.

Available from Aerobull, it comes in three different versions. Pictured at the top of the page is the largest bulldog (the Aerobull HD1) which stands 67cm tall and costs a whopping £1500. 

Finally, phone cases aren’t renowned for being particularly sexy but one company which is trying to make them a bit more exciting is Mous. Having raised over $2 million on a crowd-funding campaign, it’s not only produced a great product (one which you could hit with a hammer without damaging the phone screen – YouTube video to follow soon) but also some fantastic, innovative marketing to go with it.

In one particular stunt they dropped a phone from space (36Km above the earth’s surface) and it still survived! You can see the video below. 


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