NIU launches two new e-scooters customised for Europe

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At its Urban Mobility Summit in Paris, NIU announced it is launching two all-new e-scooters, the N-GT (pictured above) and M+, customised for the European market.

Designed in conjunction with Bosch, Panasonic and Vodafone, the two new scooters are designed with the European consumer in mind, offering different driving modes and extra space for a second passenger.

Powered by a Bosch motor and Panasonic battery pack, the N-GT is an all-electric smart scooter with the speed of a 125cc motorbike, engineered to reach over 40 miles per hour with a range of 80 miles.

The M+ is a redesigned version of the M-Series purpose-built for two riders, featuring a modern and lightweight design, for a range over 60 miles. The new upgrades mark the company’s commitment to ongoing innovation and creating e-scooters that are customised for local markets.

NIU claims its electric scooters are characterized by cutting-edge battery and motor technologies, a dedicated app and award winning design. NIU has sold more than 380,000 scooters worldwide, which have driven 500 million miles across 27 countries, since launching in 2015.N-GT_preview.jpeg

Says Token Hu, NIU co-founder:

“We aim to bring a new concept of mobility to Europe, enabling people to try a new lifestyle and way of exploring the urban world.

“With the global e-mobility market expected to reach $62.2 billion by 2025, cities are looking into alternative ways of transport to reduce traffic congestion and the resultant air pollution. We are confident that our two all-new e-scooters will help transform the face of urban mobility by offering a high-tech, fun and sustainable alternative to other means of transport.”

All scooters come with a prepaid Vodafone SIM card which allows for 24/7 connection to the NIU app. The app provides owners with real-time intelligence such as GPS, anti-theft tracking, remote tracking, scooter diagnostics and a help centre. Furthermore, NIU uses the riding data from all scooters to constantly optimise the performance of its fleet.

The new models are available in the UK for pre-order through NIU’s Indiegogo limited sale, starting end of June. They will also be available via one of NIU’s 650 points of sales in Europe in January 2019.



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