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Are you self-employed or do you run a small business? Then you’ll know that dealing with finances isn’t fun and can be very costly. As a very small publishing company, the last thing we want to be doing, rather than writing or uploading content, is working out how much tax to put by for the lovely people at HMRC or generating payroll slips.

So when I was contacted by App Paye to check out their latest finance app for freelance contractors and small businesses I was naturally very interested. Available on iOS and Google Play, it allows you to take control of your finances whether you are an individual contractor or you run a limited company.

App Paye offers various employer benefits including discounts on shopping and £1500 BUPA healthcare

For example, you can use it to log your expenses, holiday pay, pension payments or to pay yourself at any time of the day or night using the ‘Pay Me Now’ function.

Work for an agency? Then you can use the app to upload the hours you work for them and monitor any payments you receive. You can even use it to produce payslips, say for any sub-contractors you use. Certainly much easier than having to rely on sending them payslips through the post.

Thanks to push notifications on your phone you know exactly what you receive and when. And if you have any queries about your account then you can either pick up the phone to speak to an account manager or use the live chat feature if you prefer.

Using the Pay Me Now button you can request income at any time

App Paye also comes with several benefits including £1,500 of BUPA healthcare and various offers from in store retailers to help you really make the most of your money.

Whereas once you would’ve needed a whole payroll department to handle taxes, pay expenses and produce payslips, now all of this can be done with a swipe of a finger using a smartphone app like App Paye.

Now that’s progress.

App Paye costs £15 per week, including payroll, all taxes /holiday/insurance /BUPA etc. 

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