THINKWARE launches £79 8GB dashcam, HD F70

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THINKWARE has announced the launch of its latest dashcam, the HD F70 (8GB). It’s available now for £79, or as a bundle with an optional GPS antenna for £99.

The new F70 records in Full HD 1080p providing improved image quality when driving both day and night. The camera has a wide dynamic range sensor and 140-degree wide angle lens, which minimises blind spots and ensures all events are caught on camera. By adding the optional GPS antenna, the F70 can also provide location and speed information as well as speed camera alerts.

The small and compact design of F70 keeps it discreet with THINKWARE’s new mounting bracket hidden away from the driver’s field of view behind the rear-view mirror, ensuring camera placement adheres to safety laws.

Various recording modes are provided depending on your usage needs. When installed with a hard wire power cable, the camera switches to parking mode when the ignition is switched off, recording events triggered either by motion or impact detection – for example a car bumping into yours while reversing. 

In normal parking mode it records 10 seconds before the sensor is triggered and 10 seconds after. If a car owner is going away on holiday or leaving the car for long periods of time, the F70 can be set to Energy Saving Parking Recording. This reduces current drain and puts the camera in sleep mode. When an impact is detected, the camera wakes up and records footage for 20 seconds.

When stationary at an intersection or in traffic, the Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) feature provides intelligent guidance which alerts the driver, with a clicking sound, that the car in front has started to move. This prevents a delayed response from the driver in case they are distracted when traffic begins to move.

Compatible with SD cards with a memory up to 64GB the F70 will also work with a locking box accessory for corporate installations.

The F70 is now available via Amazon and through independent retailers.

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