5 tips to throwing an epic party in Brisbane

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When throwing a party, you want your guests to have a great time. What stories will your guests tell their friends when they leave your party? Are they hoping the party ends soon and are they swearing to themselves never to attend your next party?

What could be worse? You definitely don’t want your guests to hate your party. You need to decide what kind of shindig you want to hold well in advance so as to prepare well and avoid a boring experience. Here are a few tips to give your planning a head start:

  1.       Make your guest list perfect

The kind of guests you invite to your party can make it or break it. They play a huge role in creating the perfect party atmosphere. If you have a friend with a tendency of drinking him/herself silly, think twice about inviting them especially if you are planning to have a composed and classy gathering. Simply put, your guest list has to be strategic and everyone has a role to play, as long as it is vibrant and fun for everyone.

  1.       Entertainment should be on point

It can’t be an epic party if there is no entertainment right? Thankfully with the endless Brisbane Party Bands, you can never run out of awesome entertainment options. You can get bands for any party type from corporate parties, to wedding after parties, extended family get-togethers, and even wild birthday parties.

  1.        Pick an appropriate day and time

Planning for a party is not easy, and it is even worse if you put all the effort to make it great and people don’t turn up. The day and time you pick is crucial in determining your party turnout. If, for instance, you are holding a family get-together kind of party, you have to pick a weekend because it’s when most families are available. Also, it has to be during the day if children are involved. Check to see if there are other events that may compete with your party. If so, consider picking a later or a closer date.

  1.       Extend your gratitude to your guest

Everyone has made some time from their busy schedule to attend your party. So don’t you think it is appropriate to make them feel appreciated for attending? Some of them probably had to make sacrifices to come. Find a way to make their time there worthwhile. Don’t let anyone sit in a corner alone, introduce them to other people. Make it comfortable for everyone. And as they leave, let them know how much their presence meant to you.

  1.       Enjoy!

As the party host, it is easy for you to forget to have fun. You may be too focused on trying to make the party successful that you end up missing out on the fun. If everything is planned for ahead of time, then you don’t have to worry about drinks running out or having bad entertainment. It is a party, and everyone is meant to enjoy it!

Chris Price