Nest introduces £329 outdoor security camera, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

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Google-owned Nest Labs has introduced a smart security camera specifically for outdoor use. Dubbed the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, it is smart enough to differentiate between a person and your neighbour’s cat and can alert you accordingly.

When it detects a person, it will send an alert to your phone and will also automatically zoom in and follow that person walking across your garden and show you a close-up tracking shot with a wide 130° view. Thanks to night vision with infrared LEDs it also evenly illuminates the area when it’s dark.

With a Nest Aware subscription, you can even get  personalised alerts that lets you know if the person it sees is a friend or family member, or an unfamiliar person.

Just like the indoor version, Nest Cam IQ outdoor includes Supersight which lets you zoom in up to 12x and get an enhanced view of a specific area, such as your garden, with its 4K digital sensor, HDR and 1080p HD video.

Thanks to heavy-duty weatherproofing the camera is strong enough to withstand rain, snow, wind, and even the occasional spray with your hose due it’s IP66 rating. The power cable is concealable, so it is tamper-resistant for a secure installation while the built in speaker can be used do deter unwelcome guests.

When you speak through the app, the Nest Cam IQ outdoor’s light ring will also pulsate to draw an unwelcome guest’s attention to the camera.

The Nest Cam IQ outdoor is plugged into power, so you get 24/7 continuous live streaming at up to 1080p HD video to your phone, tablet or laptop. Video is encrypted on-device, using 128-bit AES with TLS/SSL secure connection, and two-step verification offers an optional extra layer of security for your Nest account. 

If you subscribe to Nest Aware, the camera gains access to advanced cloud-based algorithms to deliver an extra layer of intelligence, as well as 5-, 10- or 30-day continuous video history starting from €5 a month / £4 a month. 

Says Lionel Guicherd-Callin, Head of EMEA Product Marketing, Nest Labs:

“Buying a security camera is driven by the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family are protected. But when it comes to keeping an eye on your home, a camera shouldn’t just show you what’s happening, it should be able to deliver critical, actionable information via an alert so users know what’s important.

He adds:

“With the launch of Nest Cam IQ, we’ve introduced one of the most intelligent and powerful cameras on the market to bring better security to the inside of your home. And now with the launch of Nest Cam IQ outdoor in Europe we’re bringing that intelligence outside.” 

Nest Cam IQ outdoor is available now for €379 EU / £329 GBP on and retailers in countries around Europe where Nest products are sold.

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