Why the dangers of cyberbullying can’t be stressed enough?

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The news about the tragic consequences of cyberbullying doesn’t seem to be abating. It can seem like every time one opens up a newspaper or turns on a television, another report pops up to drive this point home.

There are times when the media overplays a story, either because they think it will sell or they are erroneously taking the temperature of the issue and the public’s interest in it. Yet, in the case of cyberbullying, the issue needs to stay on the front burner until it can somehow be eradicated in total.

Any form of bullying is insidious, as it damages the self-esteem of children and teenagers at an extremely critical time in their development into healthy, happy adults. Cyberbullying is harder to spot because it can take many forms and usually happens under the cover of the internet’s vastness.

That’s why the reports that you read or see often speak of a case where parents found out about the behavior a little too late. And, in the case of cyberbullying, a little too late can lead to major damage for all those involved.

If you are concerned that your child is involved, as a victim or a perpetrator, of cyberbullying, the need for you to discover the truth is paramount, which is why Snapchat spy is such a useful tool.

Cyberbullying finds numerous ways to do harm to those who are the target of it.

Bad Timing

The self-esteem of a young child or teenager is a fragile thing even in the best of circumstances. Insecurity naturally preys on young people as they struggle to find their place in social situations brought about by school. When you add the shock to the system that occurs when someone is cyberbullied, the results can be completely overwhelming.

It’s hard to imagine any child can walk away from even the slightest amount of cyberbullying without some permanent damage to their sense of self-worth.

Secret and Sinister

From the time that they are little, kids are told that they shouldn’t be telltales. Although most responsible adults know that there are circumstances which can mitigate the gist of this advice, kids might miss the subtleties and think they should heed it no matter what.

If that’s the case, and other kids follow suit, cyberbullying can go uninterrupted for long periods of time, which raises the potential danger exponentially.

The Worst Case

Suicide is something that hardly any parent ever imagines would even enter into the mind of their kids. And yet it is not uncommon for kids who bear the brunt of cyberbullying to think about and even attempt it.

If the loss of life of a child with everything in front of them isn’t enough to demonstrate the severity of cyberbullying, there may not be anything that can.

If you have inkling your child is in some way the victim of cyberbullying, don’t wait to talk about it. Stepping in quickly is the best way to prevent long-term damage caused by this horrible trend.


Chris Price