#IFA17: tado° launches next generation software for smart heating solution

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Just in time for the upcoming heating season, intelligent home climate control solutions tado° has launched its next generation software at IFA in Berlin.

From today, tado° customers can access a brand-new Energy Savings Report which shows on a monthly basis how much energy tado° has saved. For example, “last month you have saved 29% on your heating bill.”

It also goes into more detail by visualizing the activities of the tado° assistant like the cumulated Geofencing away time, the impact of Weather Adaption and how often open windows have been detected.

The new software goes beyond climate control making tado° the Smart Climate Assistant with new features that help users enjoy an affordable warm home. These include:

Open Window Detection: Sudden changes in temperature or humidity when a window is opened are spotted by the tado° Open Window Detection and the heating turns off automatically to not waste energy.

Repair Services Button: Access immediate help by an engineer in your area as soon as a problem occurs with your heating. With a few taps in the app get your heating repaired, get a quote for a new system or book a maintenance. The service will be available in Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland this Autumn.

Geofencing: The tado° Geofencing feature remains a key pillar of tado°. It ensures that the heating is automatically turned down when the last person leaves home and that it is already comfortably warm when the first person is returning. Furthermore, the user can now manually adjust the geofencing radius when tado° switches to home mode.

Weather Adaption: tado° adapts the heating to the weather forecast. When sunshine is predicted tado° turns down the heat to leverage the solar gain and avoid overshooting temperature effects for higher efficiency and comfort at home. The new climate report now visualises these effects.

Meanwhile customers with the rival Hive solution who subscribe to Hive Live will now have access to Mimic mode, a new feature that works with Hive Active Lights to make it look like you’re home when you’re not.

When you’re out, tap ‘mimic’ on your Hive app and Mimic mode will turn your Hive Active Lights on and off in a staggered pattern to look like you’re there.

Then when you get home, tap ‘stop mimic’ to turn it off.  When on holiday, or away for an extended period of time, Mimic Mode will slightly vary the times automatically, giving lights a different pattern each night.

The feature is controlled through the Hive app, allowing people to easily control Mimic mode from anywhere in the world – meaning homes will look lived in, while homeowners are off living life.

Further information can be found in this YouTube video below.

Chris Price
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