Tech Digest and Contact Numbers UK celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary #iPhoneis10


iPhonecomparison.jpg Can you believe that it’s exactly 10 years since the original Apple iPhone launched? Back then no one could have predicted just how revolutionary this little handheld device was going to be.

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 came off the back of extremely successful sales of Apple’s portable music player, the iPod. The iPhone was billed as an improvement on the iPod with revolutionary capabilities such as a touch controls, a camera, and of course voice calls and text capabilities!

In fact, the iPhone was so packed full of tech it replaced many standalone devices in one fell swoop.

Of course a lot has changed since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007. Whereas the original model offered just 4 or 8GB storage, the latest device is available with a whopping 256GB storage.

And while the original iPhone was quite chunky measuring 11.6mm in thickness, the latest iPhone 7 is a relatively slender 7.1mm.

As for what the new model can do compared to the original there really have been massive strides forward in technology. With the first iPhone, for example, images from the 2MB fixed focus camera were relatively poor.

Compare that to the latest models which boast a 12MB camera capable of shooting 4K video with built in autofocus and image stabilization capabilities.

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Chris Price