Protect your home from damaging leaks with ‘Leakbot’

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Pictured above is Leakbot. Not only will it protect your home from damaging leaks, it’s also got a nice smiley face!

Insurance company Legal & General has teamed up with HomeServe to offer ‘LeakBot’ – a smart connected water leak detector, developed by HomeServe Labs.

Launching this summer, select Legal & General customers will be offered a LeakBot device to install in their home. LeakBot can help protect against water damage and leaks in the home, which are the second biggest driver of home insurance claims.

As with frozen pipe damage, a leak in the home can cause major disruption and distress for householders, especially as leaks are often hidden with water escaping slowly over a long period of time meaning homeowners often aren’t aware there is an issue until it is too late.

LeakBot offers a solution to the issue of hidden leaks by detecting leaks anywhere on the mains water supply in a home, before they exacerbate into bigger, potentially damaging problems.

Once LeakBot it attached to the water pipe near the stopcock, instant monitoring and updates on any potential water leaks in the property can be provided via a smart phone app. Customers can choose to access on-demand repair assistance from HomeServe or their preferred provider.

Says Cheryl Agius, CEO Legal & General’s Insurance Division:

“I am delighted that we have joined in partnership with HomeServe to enable us to offer this unique service to our customers. Anyone who has experienced a leak of water in their home from a burst pipe or leaking radiator knows just how devastating the damage can be.”

Adds Martin Bennett, CEO, HomeServe UK:

“Connected home innovation that makes life easier for Customers and helps keep life moving is a key strategic focus for HomeServe and clearly, Legal & General share a similar objective. We are looking forward to seeing Legal & General’s customers benefit from LeakBot and are hoping to work with more partners in the future.”


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