Masterlock introduces Bluetooth controlled smart lock box

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Masterlock.pngRegularly leave your keys under a doormat or even a flower pot for children or carers when you go out? Then now is probably a good time to invest in a keylock box if you don’t want to get broken into.

Up until recently your only option was a standard keylock box where you would have to input the security code each time before turning a dial to release the key from the box.

However, now American security brand Master Lock has come up a higher tech solution – a Bluetooth key lock box that can be accessed via a smart phone.

Backed by the latest technology, the Master Lock’s Select Access Smart is designed to provide peace of mind for parents who worry their kids won’t be able to get into the house after school or that carers won’t be access the property to look after loved ones.

At any time, the main operator can cancel or add permissions and even choose to give key access for a minimum four-hour time period. Digitally invited guests will either be able to open the key safe using a numerical code or via the Master Lock Vault eLocks smartphone app. A tamper alert will be sent out to notify the operator of any suspicious activity.

The front of the Bluetooth key lock box features a large back-lit numerical key pad with 10 digits, allowing easy access at night if a smartphone isn’t easily accessible or out of juice.

The Master Lock Vault eLocks app is used to entirely manage Select Access Smart and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Masterlock claims it uses start-of the art security and decoding norms to warn the user of any attempt to steal digital information.

Furthermore, data transmitted via Bluetooth between a smartphone and the key safe has a very high level of encryption to ensure maximum protection against hackers. The Bluetooth controlled smart lock box is available to buy from Amazon here.

Chris Price
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