Top 3 LoL Hacks


League of Legends, also known as LoL, is a popular Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game where you get to choose from more than a hundred of unique champions (or characters) with different abilities. You can also try to play different roles such as bottom attack damage carry (ADC), bottom support, solo mid, solo top, and jungle.

Compared to other online games, League of Legends is easier to learn and the competition between two teams in a fantasy world makes the game more exciting.

Every LoL player knows how challenging it is to start from scratch and achieve the maximum summoner rank by playing a lot of games. It is even more disappointing when you get to team up with a bunch of newbies and watch yourselves get crushed to pieces by a group of elite LoL players.

On the brighter side, there are a lot of League of Legend hacks that are continuously developed with the help of avid followers to make the game less of a struggle and more of an entertaining and competitive one. Check out which LoL hacks made it into the top 3 in terms of efficiency and ease of use and start playing like a pro.

1. Elo Boosting

Elo boosting involves a more skilled player or a booster logging in the account of a less skilled player called a boostee in order to earn experience points and to increase the summoner level as quick as possible. If you are planning to get a high-quality Elo boosting service, then Elitist Gaming should be a perfect choice.

With Elitist Gaming, you are assured that only one professional gamer will handle your account for more secure account boosting. You will also get a chance to pick your own champion and tailor the rune book to complement the champion’s strengths and abilities. By spectating in the games played by a professional booster, you will also learn the most effective strategies to dominating the game with your champion and your preferred role.

2. Camera, Zoom, and Range Display Hacks

With the camera and zoom hacks, you will be able to have a more flexible field of view compared to the default setting. Using these tools, you will also be aware of the position of your allies and enemies anywhere on the map; giving you an edge to surprising your opponents and to providing quick support to your teammates in need.

The range display hack, on the other hand, is a very useful defensive tool that will display the scope of an opponent’s vision, ignite range, smite range, spell range, and enemy attack range by drawing a circle. Now, you can evade deadly attacks and make your counter move against your opponent.

3. League of Legends Bots

Most of the time, winning a League of Legends match is determined by which team has a faster reaction time and a more accurate execution. Different League of Legends bots and hacks are programmed to automatically activate ignite and smite spells when an enemy is nearby. They are also designed to automatically use heal spells when the health of the champion is low. Some LoL bots can be integrated with hotkeys to activate powerful attack combinations and send pre-made messages in the game’s built-in chat.

Chris Price