The Golden Age of mobile web browsing is now



The vast majority of those who go online on a daily basis don’t rely exclusively on their laptops or desktop computers. Even though this remains the device of choice for most tech savvy individuals, mobile gadgets are every bit as popular. For quick browsing and casual reading, smartphones and tablets are a great choice and website owners can’t ignore this

When it comes to entertainment, the internet is the perfect hub, thanks to its unmatched convenience. Bookmakers and online casinos were among the first to make the necessary adjustments so their websites run smoothly on mobile gadgets. The ones who acted quickly were the ones to take advantage of the surging number of online players. PlayOJO is totally mobile friendly and meets all the expectations of those who want to play their favorite games on the move.

Search Engines Reward Mobile Friendly Websites

We’ve known for a while that ranking high in the search engines in a surefire way of making a business profitable. Those who run an online venture need proper exposure and unless they make it to the top of the search list, they won’t reach their full potential. Until recently, proper SEO was enough to rank high, but things are about to change as Google plans on tweaking its search algorithms. Their top priority is to reward websites that work mostly on tablets and smartphones and the first steps have already been taken.

Their decision should have a two-pronged effect, on those who develop websites or choose to conduct their business online. Until now it was advisable for these pages to load quickly on mobile devices, but now this is mandatory. Even though the new algorithms won’t affect the way desktop and laptop users search the web, mobile gadgets will be prioritized. Mobile traffic is a big thing and promises to be even more important over the next couple of years.

A Small Investment Goes a Long Way

Those who start a business from scratch will be highly motivated to make the website mobile friendly. It is definitely worth investing in a website that runs well on smartphones and tablets, even if this costs slightly more. At the same time, those who already have a website up and running should make certain amendments. If they don’t know for sure if the website meets the requirements, they can find out in a couple of seconds by using Google’s mobile friendly tool.

Mobile Friendly Websites Will Rule the Internet

More than 1 billion people are using smartphones and tablets to go online every day. The number is impressive and is only going to rise, so those websites that are not properly optimized for these gadgets stand to lose a lot of business. There are plenty of arguments in favor of making these changes, but these 7 reasons why you need to be mobile friendly stand out from the crowd.

Google will prioritize the websites that are mobile friendly, as they offer a superior user experience. Speaking of which, most online shoppers are now using smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet and mobile websites meet them halfway, as they are great for social marketing. Last but definitely not least, these websites have better conversions and sales, are more economical and ready for the future. 

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