Blink launches affordable home security set up for UK homes

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Measuring just 7cm x 7cm, the camera is capable of recording up to 60 seconds of high quality video

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and US Amazon launch, Blink has thrown its hat into the home security ring over here with a new affordable camera system for UK homes.

Announced yesterday at a launch in London’s Covent Garden, it’s a wireless based HD video monitoring system comprising hub (sync module) and a single camera for £109.99. As it’s a modular system, up to 10 cameras can be connected to the same hub for comprehensive camera coverage of your property. The price for a typical two camera system is £189.99

The square-shaped cameras, which measure about 7cm x 7cm, can easily be installed on a shelf or to a wall using a supplied bracket. They are powered by two AA batteries (also supplied).

The manufacturer claims that the batteries will last up to two years without needing to be changed. For heavy-duty use there’s also a mini USB port on the back of the camera which can be connected to a power supply if needs be.

Currently the cameras are intended for indoor use only, but there are plans to launch a weatherproof model for monitoring outside of your home, if you want to capture footage of people coming to the door.

Unlike a conventional security system, the Blink unit doesn’t sound an alarm. Instead when it detects motion using the built in passive infra-red sensor, it automatically sends a push notification alert and HD quality video (720 pixels) to the user’s smartphone. They can then instantly see who is moving around inside their home via the Blink Android/Apple app.

The Blink security system can be set up just about anywhere, such as on a shelf or kitchen counter, in a matter of minutes

Recording time can be set for up to 60 seconds with each ‘event’ stored securely and free of charge in the cloud (unlike some home security devices it isn’t shipped with a default password which can be easily guessed).

During recording, a blue light is automatically shown on the front of the unit. Another feature is a built in temperature sensor so you can monitor the temperature in each of the rooms via the camera, as well as any movement.

So what can you use the cameras for? Obviously for monitoring any break-ins. In the US, some people have caught burglars in the act and reported them to the police. The police have even turned up and the camera has caught them making an arrest.

Alternatively it’s good to see what your dog gets up to while you are out, such as jumping on the sofa or finding any scraps of food left on the table. Or for monitoring older, more vulnerable people to check they are getting out and about.

People have even used the Blink cameras to monitor who their teenage kids bring home on an evening  but that seems to be taking things a little too far to us!


Prices start at £109.99 for a one camera system while a three camera system will set you back £259.99. Additional cameras are £89 each. For more information visit Blink’s website or you can purchase from Amazon here

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