Add 360 degree video/images to Android smartphone with Insta360Air camera

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This looks like fun. It’s a 360 degree camera that clips onto your Android smartphone. Called the Insta360Air, the camera can shoot 360 degree images and video that can either be livestreamed or shared instantly on social media.

The device can also be used as a 360 webcam which users connect to their laptops via the multifunctional extension cable to capture 360 degree video or livestream for longer periods of time.

Once connected to an Android device, the app automatically activates, which ensures the panorama shots aren’t missed. The app also features image and video editing tools so that users can create shots specific to their taste.

The accessory, which is is currently raising a modest $20,000 funding via crowdfunding website Indiegogo,  is available now for $99 and will be available on Amazon and Insta360’s official online store once the campaign finishes for $119.

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