NJ Poker on Apple’s app store

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NJ Poker is available
NJ Poker is available to download free from Apple’s app store. It is available for iPad and iPhone users

In association with 888 Poker

Poker games on Apple’s iTunes App Store are booming so we thought we’d introduce one of these featured poker apps to our readers: 888poker NJ. It combines the fun aspects of games with the excitement of entering a real poker room. Of course the app offers more than one type of poker game, there are a number of games to choose from and you have the chance to prove your gaming ability with very low stakes. This means that it is more fun than risky.

Available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone users, it is a very safe app in respect of its cash flow, and gives players around the world a real poker experience. The kind of experience you have depends of course on your skills, and for that you need to learn the game since poker is a game that requires knowledge, and skilful decision making abilities in real time.

One thing that drew our attention to this app is the fact that there are around 10 million registered users online, which means you are never alone at any point of time. The 888poker NJ app gives you the option to play, buff, bet, raise, and at the end win real money that you can get through a pay out. Once you register you are offered a free game and a bonus award of $10 to start the game for free.

This means that from the start you do not need to use your own money. Not only that, but if you play well, you may never have to invest any money in the app. Of course the app offers real money gaming as well, which is available when you are in New Jersey. It is quite easy to withdraw the money if you are playing real cash poker game. The safe and secure payment option will keep your money safe. Otherwise, you can have fun playing the game with the app money.

The app offers several games you can choose from such as Texas Hold’em or tournaments, you can select the stake according to your preferences. A seat in the table starts from 1c/2c. One of the advantages of playing with this app is that it is available 24/7 and you can play during your leisure time.

There are multiple table tournaments to take part in which gives you a lot of game options to choose from. This app is secure and respects the privacy of its users. Another important aspect is that the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has licensed the game for people in New Jersey; NJ started offering legal online poker to five distinct networks: WSOP, 888, Ultimate, Party / Borgata and Betfair.

This app is available to users that are over 21, want to have fun and like playing Poker. We have noticed that there are instances in which it takes time for the game to start. If  that happens to you just switch to other games such as blackjack and roulette tables until the connection is fixed.

It is obvious but let’s make it clear, you need an Internet connection at every stage of the game, so if you don’t want to get disconnected in the middle of a game, make sure your Wi-Fi or your phone internet is working. You can download the 888poker NJ app from the App Store for Free.

Chris Price