Apple offers Smart Battery case for the iPhone6 and 6S costing $99 – doubles battery life

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The SmartBattery case will double battery life of the 6S and 6S Plus but there are cheaper cases out there
Apple’s $99 Smart Battery case will double battery life of the 6 and 6S to the levels of the 6S Plus but there are cheaper cases out there

To match the battery performance of the iPhone 6S Plus, Apple is offering a new Smart Battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6S priced at $99. The case hit stores in the US yesterday (December 8).

It’s a bit like a Mophie or one of those dozens of other battery cases but it does looks a bit sleeker, more like a protective cover than an additional battery pack. The integrated battery nearly doubles your battery life so you can avoid scurrying around looking for an electrical socket in your local coffee shop to power your phone half way through the day!

Unlike other cases which show battery levels, there are no blinking LED lights on the case to tell you how much power is remaining. As soon as you attach it, the percentage of power remaining in the phone and the case is displayed on the iPhone’s lock screen. You can also see both battery levels by swiping down in the notification centre.

A passive antenna is also built into the case so mobile phone reception shouldn’t suffer. However, although Apple’s earbuds fit in the 3.5mm headphone jack opening without a problem, other headphones such as Beats Solo HD headphones don’t. Instead you’ll need to buy an additional headphone jack extender.

Available in white or charcoal grey, the Smart Battery case can be bought from the Apple store here. 

You can see a review in The Wall Street Journal here.

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