Smarter announces WiFi coffee machine, upgrade to iKettle 2.0

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smartercoffeeBritish company Smarter, which specialises in developing products for connected living, has announced the Smarter Coffee Machine as well as an upgrade to its Smart Kettle, iKettle 2.0. Both products will be available via retailer Firebox in October.

Controllable via iOS and Android devices, the WiFi enabled coffee machine, will be on sale from October priced £179.99. Billed as being ideal for coffee connoisseurs or those that just need a morning pick me up, the Smarter Coffee Machine allows individuals to quickly adjust the strength of their coffee via the app and then keep their drink hot for up to 35 minutes via the Keep Warm Mode.

The coffee machine will grind and brew on demand so each cuppa will taste as fresh as the last. Wake Up Mode and Home Mode automatically boils the water and grind the beans to boost the coffee lover’s day when they most need it. And schedules can also be set throughout the day to fit around busy lifestyles and routines for when a little caffeine hit is needed.

The Water Level Mode offers live updates on how much water is in the machine and can alert users if it needs to be refilled! Users can also select the amount of cups to be brewed, from 1 to 12. Featuring a brushed stainless steel exterior, colour options include black, red and cream.

Following the success of its predecessor (the iKettle), Smarter is also introducing a new WiFi enabled iKettle 2.0. The iKettle 2.0 sees the return of ‘Wake Up Mode and Home Mode which automatically boils a kettle once an alarm goes off in the morning or once individuals arrive at home after a long day at the office. Then there’s Keep Warm Mode which ensures that water is kept at a desired temperature once the kettle has finished boiling.

New functions available via the Smarter app include Early Bird Mode which monitors traffic reports, waking you up earlier if necessary and boiling the kettle at the same time, and Formula Mode for those with babies.  This boils water to 100 degrees centigrade, thereby sterilising the water. Users can then pre define a temperature that they want to bring the water down to and keep it at that temperature.

Crafted out of high grade stainless steel, the1.8 litre iKettle provides enough water for up to 9 cups of tea or coffee at a time. Costing £79.99, it’s available in red, black and beige options from October.  All Smarter electrical products are covered by a 24-month warranty.


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