Nissan LEAF electric car upgraded with improved range for 2016



    • 25% increase in LEAF driving range – 155 miles (250km) on a single charge
    • Significant battery updates improve performance
    • New NissanConnect EV infotainment system with greater functionality; off-board telematics for remote operations

Nissan has updated its LEAF electric car with a new 30kWh battery that promises to give drivers 155 miles of motoring range. It’s hoped the new battery will also help to broaden the LEAF’s appeal and boost sales.

Although it’s currently the UK’s top selling electric car, a total of just 6,838 of the battery powered LEAF electric cars were sold in UK at the end of 2014 (compared to 5,273 for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and 1,534 for the BMW i3).

Key to the new battery’s higher performance is an update to its internal design and chemistry. The introduction of Carbon, Nitrogen and Magnesium to the electrodes improves performance, while the change to the cell layout also contributes to the gain. Indeed, Nissan is so confident about the performance and reliability of the new 30kWh battery that the capacity will be covered by an eight year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Available on Acenta and Tekna trim grades, the new battery has exactly the same exterior dimensions as the existing 24kWh unit but with a modest 21 kg increase in weight. As with the current LEAF, customers will be able to recharge from their homes, from public chargers, or from the network of rapid chargers (3 phase, 400V).  In the UK there are approximately 500 LEAF-compatible rapid chargers, covering more than 95% of the UK’s motorway network.

It isn’t just the battery has been upgraded either. So too has the NissanConnect EV smartphone-enabled telematics facility. This includes a new charging map that is capable of showing which charging points are available and which are being used. There’s also a completely revised navigation system, maintenance alerts and a car-finder facility.

Commented Paul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe: “The LEAF, the best-selling EV in the world, just got even better. And up-to 155 miles opens the world of EV to thousands of drivers across Europe who before just weren’t completely confident that an EV would work for them. This extra range will make LEAF ownership an easy first choice, for many, many more drivers.”

Sales of the 2016 Nissan LEAF 30kW will begin in the UK in December 2015. Priced from £24,490 for the Acenta trim, the LEAF 30kW is available for just £1,600 more than the equivalent LEAF with a 24kW battery.

See full prices below: 


Grade Options Battery OTR with PiCG**
Acenta MY16 – 30kWh £24,490
Acenta Solar cell MY16 – 30kWh £24,790
Acenta 6kW charger MY16 – 30kWh £25,640
Acenta 6kW charger + Solar Cell MY16 – 30kWh £25,940
Tekna MY16 – 30kWh £26,490
Tekna Solar cell MY16 – 30kWh £26,790
Tekna 6kW charger MY16 – 30kWh £27,640
Tekna 6kW charger +Solar cell MY16 – 30kWh £27,940
Visia MY16 – 24kWh £20,790
Visia 6kW charger MY16 – 24kWh £21,940
Acenta MY16 – 24kWh £22,890
Acenta Solar cell MY16 – 24kWh £23,190
Acenta 6kW charger MY16 – 24kWh £24,040
Acenta 6kW charger + Solar Cell MY16 – 24kWh £24,340
Tekna MY16 – 24kWh £24,890
Tekna Solar cell MY16 – 24kWh £25,190
Tekna 6kW charger MY16 – 24kWh £26,040
Tekna 6kW charger +Solar cell MY16 – 24kWh £26,340

*NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) target 155 miles – to be confirmed by homologation
**On the road price (OTR) includes VAT, includes First reg fee of £55. Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) incentive for LEAF is 35% up to a maximum of £5,000


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