Doro introduces smartphone for elderly that claims to think like they do

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The Doro 825 - an intuitive smartphone for the elderly
The Doro 825 – an intuitive smartphone for the elderly

Smartphone ownership among people aged 65 years and over is nearing 40 per cent according to the latest study from Doro. And this figure is set to rise in 2016 with 60% of those surveyed by the company intending to purchase a smartphone with their next upgrade.

However, an issue with many mainstream smartphones is that the user has to adapt to new way of thinking and acting when using the device. In many scenarios there are multiple ways of completing a task, such as sending a message or sharing a photo.

Doro’s new smartphone interface claims to make life easier by enabling the user to do whatever they wish, by providing a logical step-by-step journey for delivering every task. This removes the requirement for any technical expertise. It does this by using verbs to present actions, such as ‘call’, ‘view’ or ‘send’ and then prompting users ‘who’ or ‘what’.

The Doro Liberto® 825 is the company’s first 4G smart phone and the first to offer the new simple Doro interface. It will launch on Doro Direct, the company’s online store, later this month priced from £250 SIM-free.

Says Chris Millington, Managing Director at Doro UK and Ireland said “We are creating a new market opportunity through our fresh approach to intuitive smartphone design.  The Doro Liberto® 825 interface turns the status quo on its head and brings something completely new to the world of mobile design. This stunning device will naturally guide the user, through the use of encouraging language to build confidence.”

He concludes: “We will continue to launch innovative mobile solutions specifically for the senior audience in response to the changing needs and desires of this hugely important audience.  We know from our ongoing research collaboration and segmentation model that when people feel confident using a handset – their engagement rises and ultimately they do more.”

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