WalkCar – the world’s smallest electric vehicle. Perfect for tube strikes?


walkcar 2
Personal transportation is all the range with all kinds of hoverboards and so called Swegways now on the market, proving particularly popular with kids.

But Japanese firm Cocoa Motors seems to be going one step further with a portable electric vehicle called the WalkCar that can be stored in a shoulder bag and has enough power to push along a passenger weighing 120Kg.

Billed as the world’s smallest electric vehicle, it incorporates a rechargeable battery which takes roughly three hours to charge from flat via USB. It is capable of providing a top speed of 6.2 mph with a range of 7.5 miles.

The oddly named WalkCar is expected to launch during next spring when it will be available to purchase priced at around $800 or 100,000 yen.

A Kickstarter campaign will also be launching in October 2015 to help raise funds to take the concept into production. For more information on the new WalkCar ahead of the campaign head over to the Cocoa Motors website for full details.

It strikes me the WalkCar would be perfect for tube strikes – though you may get some funny looks as you overtake pedestrians on their way to work.

WalkCar is the world smallest electric vehicle, which can be brought in a bag. Just bend your body toward destination you like, you can operate WalkCar at will. As small as laptop PC, the device can be brought readily, and help you move anytime and anywhere. Now we can choose “Walk” or “WalkCar”.



Chris Price
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