Smart light bulb LightFreq updated. Available on Indiegogo June 23

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  • LightFreq Square2’s wake up mode can wake you up to light, sound or both

  • As long as you have your phone in your pocket, LightFreq Square2 will turn on and off automatically when you enter or leave a room.

  • Starts playing music in the room you are in, and as soon as you enter a different room it will turn off the music and device in the previous room and turn on in the next room you enter

The newest smart light bulb from LightFreq is coming to crowd funding website Indiegogo on Tuesday, June 23! LightFreq Square2 isn’t like any ordinary light bulb in that it also provides programmable multi-coloured lighting and High Definition Audio.

It also acts as an intercom thanks to the switCH app lets you use the bulb to speak in any room where there’s a LightFreq Square2. Or alternatively you can speak on all of them in the house at once.

You can also get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Uber, Tinder and other apps so you can start your day with all your notifications and then dance the night away with LightFreq Square2’s party modes and built-in speaker!

Costing $150, the LightFreq Square 2 isn’t exactly cheap but then it does have loads of interesting features and will last up to 45,000 hours (20 years) according to the manufacturer.

To find out more about smart lighting, including LightFreq you can read our feature on Shiny Shiny here

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  • How can they release an updated product when the first release hasn’t been released yet???

    • I understood that a product had been released in the US following the Kickstarter campaign last year, but I will check with them tomorrow.

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