XSories launches Sneaker Bank range of battery chargers

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XSoriesHow annoying is it when your phone or laptop battery dies, leaving you unable to make or receive an important call or check your emails? Well help is at hand from French company XSories with its new Sneaker Bank range of chargers. Three units are available to to keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and camera juiced up, complete with sneaker tread motif (that’s trainers or pumps motif to us Brits).

All three battery sizes (4200, 6000 and 9000 mAh) feature dual USB outputs so you can replenish the battery on two devices simultaneously. The smaller banks can easily boost the battery two times over on leading smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6, while the bigger but compact packs are suited to fully recharging larger devices such as laptops and SLR cameras.

Prices range from £69.99 for the Sneaker Bank 4200 to £89.99 for the Sneaker Bank 9000.

The Sneaker Bank range is available now from www.xsories.co.uk

Sneaker Bank Technical Specification:


Battery: Li-Polymer 4200 mAh

Dimensions: 98x60x18mm


Battery: Li-Polymer 6000mAh

Dimensions: 95×42.5x25mm


Battery: Li-Polymer 9000mAh

Dimensions: 95x61x25mm

Chris Price
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