3D print your own pledge stones for the party leaders #ukelection2015

3D Printing

Should he become Prime Minister, Ed Milliband may well need a crane to move his ‘Old Testament’ style stone tablet into the rose garden at Number 10 Downing Street. So the guys at 3D printing company CEL have come up with a more modern (and possibly replaceable) solution.

The 3D printed version of the stone tablet could sit on his desk for the next 5 years (or 5 months) until the next election and is printed on a Robox 3D printer – you can see the new pocket sized pledge stones above.

So that Cameron and Clegg don’t miss out on setting their pledges in stone (or plastic), CEL has even created equivalent 3D printable pledge stones for them (and their supporters) to download and print out in time for the close of polls today.

But we all know that pledges can change, which is why CEL has made it possible for people to edit and add their own personalised pledges. So with the result to today’s general election looking increasingly like no party will win an overall majority, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband can sleep easy in the knowledge that old pledges can be thrown away and new ones 3D printed the very same day!

Anyone with a 3D printer can print out the Ed Miliband pledge stone template (and add their own personal pledges) for free here. You can also download the ‘David Stone’ and ‘Nick Stone’ pledge stones created by CEL Robox by clicking on the links.



Chris Price
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