YouTube killing support for older smart TVs and devices

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Bad news if you access YouTube on a smart TV made before 2012 – Google is pulling the plug on YouTube apps for certain devices.


Unfortunately we don’t have a complete list of affected devices, but according to Google it will affect “Select devices manufactured in 2012 and earlier, including Sony TVs & Blu-ray Discs, Panasonic TVs & Blu-ray Discs, older iOS devices, and devices running older versions of Google TV.”

According to Android Central, the move is apparently being made due to changes to the YouTube API – and presumably because it is uneconomic for Google to redevelop apps on these old platforms.

Its a good example of why when buying a TV, it is probably better to get a dumb screen and plug something clever into it – so you’re not left with a poorly functioning smart TV in just a few years. If you’re affected, now might be a great time to pick up a Chromecast.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “YouTube killing support for older smart TVs and devices

  • I wouldn’t spend another penny for any device, to make more money in advertising, for Google. You couldn’t give me a Chromecast device, much less pay Google for one. It’s not economically feasible to support Google.

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