Twitch mobile app update adds “persistent” video player


Twitch has just announced updates to its apps on iOS and Android which should help those with itchy fingers.


The update essentially rips off the clever thing Google has done with the YouTube app, which allows you to continue watching one video, whilst browsing around looking for what you’re going to watch next. Now you can minimise a Twitch stream and fiddle with the app – as well as view the real time chat to go with a video. This means that amongst other things, you can play TwitchPlaysPokemon on mobile now.

In addition, Android users now have the option of an “audio only” mode, which will continue to play commentary even when you’re in another app or have the screen locked – meaning you can still follow all of the watching-someone-else-play-videogames excitement, even when not able to look at the screen.

James O’Malley
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