Supposed leak shows what the iPad Mini 4 might look like

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With about six months to go until Apple traditionally unveils its new iPads (November time), we’re starting to hear rumours about what the next iteration of the hardware may have in store.

Check out the above video, from @OnLeaks, which purports to show the iPad Mini 4’s case. The suggestion is that aesthetically, it will be brought into line with the iPad Air 2 (an indeed, the iPhone 6) – and also that the innards will be boosted up to use Apple’s A8 chip and 802.11ac wifi.

This will be welcome news for Apple fans who were left disappointed last November when the iPad Mini 3 was released with minimal changes (it used the same A7 processor in the iPad Mini 2, too).

Obviously this is all unconfirmed at the moment, but we’ll bring you more rumours as we hear them.

James O’Malley
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