Sony’s latest Blu-Ray players get Playstation Now support


If you pick up a 2015 Sony Blu-Ray player, you’ll soon be able to play some PS3 games on it too.


According to the Sony blog, an update for the players adds support for Sony’s game-streaming service, which features a large number of PS3 titles.

For it to work you’ll need a Dual Shock controller and a pretty fast internet connection. There’s not a PS3 squeezed inside the device – the way it works is the machine that runs the games is on a server somewhere on the internet, with your Blu Ray player and telly only acting as a receive and screen.

Sony’s plan appears to be to offer games on an individual basis, or with a Netflix-style subscription.

PS Now is currently in the beta phase for US PS4 users, and the service will eventually be rolling out to the PS3, and “Playstation TV” too.

James O’Malley
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