Hailo introduces the Piggyback – revolutionising personal transportation

Transport, Travel Gadgets

Watch the YouTube video above to see Olaf Spirls, Head of Hailo’s Personal Transportation Product, talk about how cab app Hailo came up with its latest revolution in personal transportation.

In the video, we are privileged to see the actual brainstorm where they came up with the stunning development and where they wrestled with important questions such as ‘How do you balance the size of the piggy and the mounter.’

Using Hailo’s new Piggyback function from their smartphone, users will see one of Hailo’s specially trained human piggyback carriers arrive in a matter of minutes to transport the passenger to their destination.

With the ability to dart in between traffic, Hailo’s Piggybackers have been recruited for their athleticism and knowledge of the city, as well as allowing passengers to enjoy a 360 degree view of their surroundings. What better way is there to travel!

Chris Price
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