Gadget Show Live 2015: Is the Babel Bike the safest bike ever?

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Is this the safest bike ever? Or just the most ridiculous looking? Certainly its inventor Crispin Sinclair (any relation to Sir Clive Sinclair of equally ridiculous looking C5 fame anyone?) thinks the former.

“It’s the biggest step forward in bicycle safety since 1884 when Penny Farthings were replaced with the Rover Safety Bicycle,” he told us about his new invention – the Babel Bike. Though considering it was press day at the Gadget Show he was strangely reluctant to let us take photographs or allow any video interviews!

It may look kind of ridiculous – like a pram for grown ups – but for those who want to put safety first it does boast an impressive array of safety features. The rider wears a car-style seat belt and unlike any other bicycle on the market it has a custom built safety cage in which the rider sits.

This is designed to protect (at least partially) against impacts with turning lorries and buses at busy junctions, which as we know account for around 50 per cent of all cycle fatalities. Also on board are front and rear lights, indicators, hazard flashers, brake lights, a loud car horn and rear view mirrors. This is a bike that’s taking no chances whatsoever!

Available in electric and non-electric versions, the electric model has a range of up to 80 miles, with speeds up to 15.5 miles per hour. But of course you wouldn’t want to cycle that fast because that would just be foolhardy!

Prices have yet to be announced but the product should be available later in the year.

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  • I didn’t say that Sir Clive Sinclair was ridiculous. He invented some great products and did a lot of good work. Unfortunately the C5 was ridiculous and dangerous. Conversely this bike puts safety first but the design of it is going to put some people off. I applaud the idea of a safe bike, but I don’t think the execution of it is quite right.

  • Fyi “ridiculous” Clive Sinclair also invented the home computer, the pocket calculator and the digital watch.
    Not so ridiculous now, bit more research perhaps?
    Furthermore, the C5 though much joked about, was actually ahead of its time.
    Finally, not sure how sure how you can ridicule someone who is trying to make cycling safer. Particularly after so many casualties in London this year.

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